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Thursday, September 11, 2014

LuLu Fry Book Catalog

"Dr. Evermor's Forevertron: The Appointments" by LuLu Fry, The largest scrap metal sculpture exhibit in the U.S., published 2012

"the LuLu paintings by LuLu Fry, Concussion Art, published 2014

Exhibition 7" by LuLu Fry, Art Exhibits, published 2014

"Exhibition 8" by LuLu Fry, Art Exhibits, published 2014

"Alchemy" LuLu Fry Sculptures, published 2009

"Ellis Nelson: The Birdman of Muscoda", by LuLu Fry, sculpture, published 2009

"Head in the Stratosphere"LuLu Fry Sculptures by RA Barrington, published 2009

"Architectural Art Jewelry" LuLu Fry, RA Barrington, published 2009

"ART BRUT SCULPTURE" LuLu Fry, Brutilist Metal Art, published 2012

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